Train Station

Train Station

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Sire: Greenline | Dam: 4402 Johnson (Ballistic x Bullet/Trigger) | DNA: RRFF




Train Station

Breed: Hampshire

Breeder Name: Shroyer Show Stock

Sire: Greenline

Dam: 4402 Johnson (Ballistic x Bullet/Trigger)


Registered: No

Price: $125

The 4402 Johnson ewe has been a constant staple in our flush program. She has raised winners for Raute, Shroyer, Schiff, Stahl and more. I can’t count how many of her ewes are in production here at SSS. She has never missed and always makes an impact. Her Greenline flush in May of 2021 hit us hard. The entire set was consistent, big backed, fuzzy legged, and smooth. Train Station is our pick our pick of the FF bucks from that flush. This Greenline son has tons has of Hamp features and white wool. He is crazy big legged and he sets them down like a Clydesdale. He is round bodied, structurally correct, super complete with a perfect neck set. Train Station will work best on your D carrier ewes that need extended, loosened up in their overall structure and spine. He will improve the front-end design and add smoothness and flex of stride. He will make them softer bellied with swoop. We are very excited about this young sire’s potential.


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