Reproduction Specialty Group, Inc. strives to provide its clients with professional services resulting in superior results.  We work with clients one on one to tailor our services to their program’s needs.  We want to help grow your program through every facet of production. Working with the global leaders in small ruminant reproduction, and being veterinary based, RSGI has built an all-inclusive program model to help maximize production, centered on the four Cornerstones of Success. Our focus begins with Animal Health and Nutrition. Then we can look at the Genetics you need for improvement. Ultimately, we tailor our Breeding Services to meet your program needs. The RSGI team can provide you with specific details about our building blocks for your success.

Our History

Reproduction Specialty Group, Inc. was founded by Dr. Tad Thompson and his wife Amanda in July of 2012 with the primary focus of developing a reproduction industry focused on small ruminants. Dr. Thompson began growing his knowledge of reproductive sciences in 2002, while in veterinary school at Purdue University. After three years of research Dr. Thompson was able to spend a portion of his final year of veterinary school working with Dr. Dave Osborn in Australia.  It was following the conclusion of this training that Dr. Thompson first began providing services to the small ruminant industries.  In 2007 JVC Genetics was formed as a division of a larger multi-species veterinary practice where Dr. Thompson split his time between equine sports medicine and small ruminant reproduction. In July of 2012 it was clear that a greater commitment to the small ruminant industries was warranted, resulting in the creation of Reproduction Specialty Group, Inc. Following the formation of Reproduction Specialty Group, Inc.  Dr. Thompson has focused opportunities to expand collaborations with many of the global leaders in small ruminant reproduction in an effort to bring the most current technologies to the US market.

Our Mission

To lead the animal reproduction industry with innovation, superior service, veterinary medicine and client care through integrity and leadership.

Our Focus

Leading the small ruminant industry by providing innovative total program management through the RSG four cornerstones of Animal Health, Nutrition, Genetics and Breeding Services.

Our Values

Faith – Our belief in Jesus Christ is our foundational value. Our faith is the driving force in the way we operate, and we are blessed to be given the opportunity to run our business and serve our clients.

Family – This is a family-owned business with family values. The aim is a culture of inclusion as each team member joins our family.

Integrity – Operating with the highest ethical standards, knowing the importance of doing the right thing regardless of consequences.

Trust – We take personal responsibility for our own actions. Trust is a foundational value not to be broken.

Pursuit of Excellence – We have a passion for successful results and will not settle for the status quo.

Are you ready to take your breeding business to the next stage? RSG is ready to help!

Our 10-minute assessment will help you understand more about your breeding business as well as provide some simple ways you can improve your results right away.

Why Customers Choose Us

Experienced Veterinary Professionals

  • Advanced specialty training
  • Years of success
  • Long term industry experience
  • Research based program development

Results Driven

  • Customer success is the primary goal
  • Targeted plans and protocols
  • Continuing professional development
  • Partnering with other industry leaders

Personalized Program Management

  • Industry leading staff
  • Customer relationship
  • Customized planning and animal care
  • Customer donor programming

Semen Services

  • Industry leading standards
  • Exclusive semen inventory management program
  • Semen collection, storage and sales

Dr. Tad Thompson, DVM

Chief Executive Officer – Veterinarian

Amanda Thompson

Chief Operations Officer

Doug Edge

Chief Strategy Officer