RSG offers semen storage services at our location in Lebanon, Indiana. Our state of the art facility offers a safe and secure environment for storage of semen and frozen embryos. We can also assist in shipping from our facilities to virtually any destination.

Frozen Semen storage rates

  • 1-65 units, $8.34 Flat Rate per month
  • 66-100 units cost 0.10 cents per unit per month
  • 101-250 units cost 0.08 cents per unit per month
  • 251 or more units cost 0.06 cents per unit per month

Billing Policy

RSG clients are billed at the end of each month based on their average daily account balance.

Upon Sign-Up, clients will be asked to acknowledge the pricing tiers as detailed on the site and provide credit card information to be held on file for automatic monthly payments. An option to pay by ACH is also available.

Grace Period

Billing will not start until the first day of the following month after signing up for a new account. As a non-client who purchases inventory from a customer, you will be required to set up an account to complete the purchase. The grace period is a courtesy to those clients who do not want to store their new inventory at RSG.

Additional Fees

Accounts that do not maintain a valid credit card on file causing the account to be unpaid will be charged a Late Fee of $39 per instance along with a 18% Finance Charge until the credit card information becomes valid.

There is a 3% convenience fee applied to all Credit Card accounts.