RSG Genetics focus is on the production and distribution of genetic materials domestically and internationally; frozen semen, and frozen embryos. RSG is proud to be the first to bring a centralized semen catalog to the small ruminant industry, offering the best genetics in the US in one location.

RSG prides itself in leading the way with high quality frozen semen products. Quality matters if you are the producer selling the genetics or the producer buying the genetics. We want each party to have success, and that starts with high quality frozen semen. The standards below have been set through collaboration with international leaders and science based data to provide the most reliable results.

RSG Genetics

Frozen thawed semen minimum quality control standards

  1. Concentration: The minimum number of progressively motile sperm cells per breeding dose is 30 million. RSG frozen semen straws will be packaged at a minimum of 60 million total sperm cells per straw.
  2. Percentage Motile: The number of motile cells in relation to the total number of sperm cells in the straw or sample being evaluated.
  3. Forward Progression and speed: Sperm cell moving in a forward linear direction at a min velocity of at least two cell lengths per second.
  4. Morphology: Defined as the form of the living organism. In general terms the sperm cell is made up of the Head, Midpiece and Tail. RSG standards will pass if less than 15% of the sperm cells are abnormal, however we strive to have less than 10%.


In an effort to simplify the evaluation and quality control of your frozen semen products we have established simplified terms to class the semen. The following represents RSG QC for frozen semen.

Fail: Will result from any one of these not being met

Less than 30 million live cells, below 40% live, progression of less than one body length per second, abnormal morphology greater than 15%.

RSG Pass: Must meet all of the below standards

At least 30 million live cells, 50% or greater live cell, progression is greater than two cell length per second, less than 15% abnormal morphology.

If product passes then it is considered good for use in a LAI or ET