RSG would like to introduce you to a new program in 2024 designed to support the growth of many key host site partners across the United States.

This interactive map highlights Platinum and Premier level host site partners. These operations deliver a superior level of client support to breeders in their area and offer haul in dates to their location. The map provides contact information and available breeding dates for LAI & ET procedures provided by RSG. If you are interested in bringing your animals to one of these partner sites please contact the location directly to find out availability and more details.

Platinum and Premier host site partners believe in the RSG Total Program Management model and deliver a consistent high level experience for all breeders that participate in a host site breeding day at their location.

RSG Platinum Host Partners are exclusive supporters of RSG and have achieved this level of partnership through exhibiting superior best practices and by the significant number of LAI and ET procedures performed annually at their site.

RSG Premier Host Partners are sites poised for growth in the industry. They also offer a great client experience but are not yet at the level of LAI and ET procedures as our RSG Platinum Partners.

We know there are also many other great breeders across the country that offer haul in opportunities with RSG. Please contact a member of our Client Services team to help connect with any of our host site locations by calling 765-978-0301 then press #1. You can also email them at