Semen Collection and Freezing

RSG provides small ruminant semen collection and freezing services at our location and on farm. Travel costs for out-of-state collections will be divided between the clients who have rams/bucks collected on that day.

Process for getting a ram/ buck collected at RSG

If you would like to get a sire collected at RSG in Lebanon, Indiana you should complete the online form on the Contact Us page by selecting “Ram/ Buck Collections”. You can also work directly with your Account Manager to get on the schedule, just like you would for breeding dates. You can also call the RSG offices at 765-978-0301 or contact a member of the Genetics Team at with questions.

Once an inquiry is submitted, or a request is received, you can expect the following:

  • You will be assigned an Account Manager to take care of your request if you don’t already have one. They will be your one point of contact through the entire process of getting your sire collected.
  • A confirmation of your request will be provided with the verification of targeted number of units to be collected, sire’s availability to be collected, general sire health and any other important details.
  • Once all your information is verified you will be put on the wait list to be scheduled for a drop off date, unless you are participating in a one-day collection date.
  • Owners are then provided with an approximate window they need to be available to bring their sire in for collection. This will not be a guaranteed drop off date at this point, just an estimate of when he can likely be brought in. This varies based on other male’s performance who are already being collected as we have a limited number of pens to house sires.
  • Owners will be provided updates as a confirmed drop off date is established.
  • Once established, your Account Manager or a member of the Genetics Team will confirm your drop off date. You will receive an email confirmation showing your date and arrival time. Prior to your date your sire should go through the Clean Out protocol. Click Here to view the protocol.
  • Prior to your drop off date a Sire Collection Agreement will be sent for eSign by all owners. This must be completed prior to arrival.
  • Two days before your drop RSG will send a reminder email or call to confirm arrival plans.

What to expect once your sire arrives at RSG for semen collections:

  • Please check-in at the front office prior to unloading.
  • Wait for a member of the RSG team to assist in unloading and performing animal intake.
  • Once your sire is unloaded, they will be weighed and photos will be taken of their ear tag and profile. We do not allow photos or videos in the housing facility other than for this purpose.
  • An RSG team member will verify information with you and have you sign an intake form.
  • Please bring any feed and care instructions with you. We ask owners to plan for their animals to be at RSG for up to 14 days.
  • Your sire will be then be placed into a clean pen with a new fresh bucket of water.
  • Your sire will begin the collection process as soon as possible. Some sires take a little time based on travel and if they have been cleaned out, before they can produce their first ejaculate that is good for freezing.
  • RSG programs jump ewes/ does to be in heat for your sire to mount in the collection process. Some sires require a day or two of training before we can successfully collect them. In some instances, using a probe may be required. We will ask for permission to use a probe prior to using that method.
  • Your sire will be collected by using an Artificial Vagina (AV) performed by a trained technician.
  • The RSG Genetics Team provides updates on your sire’s progress to your Account Manager every Wednesday and Friday on your sire’s progress. This will include their status on quantity of semen frozen. More frequent updates are provided if any issues arise.
  • Semen is checked for quality and must meet our standards for freezing. A video file of your sire’s collection is made and stored for quality assurance. Your sire is also assigned a STUD CODE unless they already have one. This information, along with animal’s name, is printed on each straw of semen along with the animal’s name. Your semen is then put into your inventory if stored at RSG, or is prepared to ship to your designated destination.
  • Once collections have begun you will also be provided with an estimate on when your sire will be ready to pick up. We provide a projected leave time so you can make travel plans. Once we know your sire is done, we ask that you confirm a pick-up date and time with your Account Manager or a member of the Genetics Team.
  • When you arrive back at RSG please check in at the front office.
  • An RSG team member will meet you in the loading area to check out your sire. They will be re-weighed and any remaining feed will be provided back to you. You will also need to sign off that you picked the animal up.
  • Within a few days after pick up your final invoice will be emailed.

Once your semen is collected let us help you market it! Contact Jordan Amburgey to learn more about getting your sire in our printed and online Sire Catalog, the industry’s number one resource for quality frozen sheep and goat semen. Email or call 317-593-5703.

Collection and Freezing Fees

  • Semen collection prefreeze discard: $40.00, due at time of discharge/release from RSG.
  • Semen collection post thaw discard: $60.00, due at time of discharge/release from RSG.
  • Semen freezing per straw $7.50, due at the time of discharge/release from RSG.
  • Ram/Buck board while being collected at RSG will be $3.45 per day. Once you are alerted that we are finished with him you will be given 3 days to retrieve him. If not picked up by that time the fee will increase to $10.00 per day for each day the ram is at our facility.
  • Breeding Soundness Examination: $100

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