RSG Supports the Industry We Serve

RSG supports associations and events related to the small ruminant industry, along with the outstanding youth organizations of FFA and 4-H. We have found this is the best way to benefit the most people we do business with by giving back to these organizations whenever we can.

Do you want RSG to be involved in your Events?

RSG has set up an easy-to-use system for submitting your regional or national sponsorship opportunities. This system ensures that your proposal will reach the correct decision-makers and lets you know exactly what information we are looking for when considering sponsorships. Monetary support is not always an option, but our team is always willing to see if there are other opportunities for partnering with your organization for an event or fundraiser.  Those submissions made with more than 6 months’ notice from the event happening have the best chance of consideration.  The RSG Support Team meets regularly to evaluate opportunities and will notify all applicants of a decision within 30 days of applying.

Due to the large number of sponsorship requests we receive this automated system is the only way we accept proposals to evaluate for sponsorship. All unsolicited calls, faxes, emails, text or other contact will be directed to this automated portal as the first step to presenting a sponsorship opportunity to RSG.

RSG Foundation

The RSG Foundation is a non-profit organization that will foster a vibrant, sustainable, and socially responsible small ruminant industry. Our work is supported by a coalition of producers, youth, researchers, advocacy groups, government agencies, and consumers who share our vision for an ethical, viable, and compassionate small ruminant industry. Together, we can build a model for responsible small ruminant production that has a global reach benefiting youth, rural communities, animals, and our shared future.

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