Macho Man

Macho Man

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Dam: Trigger x AOK/Grand Slam | Sire: Road Rage




Macho Man

Dam: Trigger x AOK/Grand Slam

Sire: Road Rage

Price: $100 per straw | $75 for 10 or more

Owners: Hassebrook Show Lambs and Willoughby Show Stock

OH YEEAAAHHHH!!!! Macho Man made a statement siring one of the most striking state fair winners of 2019 in Lane Slaton’s Indiana Grand raised by Willoughby. But he’s no one trick pony. This sheep has been quietly producing elite show lambs, and equally important, replacement females for the Willoughby and Hassebrook operations. Macho Man’s niche is, when mated to FD or DD ewes, his ability to add that elite front end extension and elevation with ripped up rack shape. Yet he will still make chest floors elite and add plenty of side rumpshape. His lambs have an impressive handle and profile that are tough to beat. Take advantage of this elite FF sire today.


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