P.G. 600 25ml

P.G. 600 25ml


P.G. 600® is intended to improve reproductive efficiency

**Due to limited availability, sales of PG600 is restricted to clients using RSGI LAI & ET services only. Please contact your RSG Account Manager to process an order for your breeding program needs. Ability to order online currently not available.



P.G. 600® is intended to improve reproductive efficiency

  • Used for the induction of estrus
  • For animals that are experiencing a delayed return to estrus
  • Improves breeding performance in hot weather months
  • Mimics naturally-occurring reproductive hormones


When reconstituted with the enclosed diluent, the five-dose vial (25 ml) of P.G. 600® contains

  • Serum Gonadotropin (PMSG): 2000 IU
  • Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG): 1000 IU


Storage, Dosage and Administration

  • Store between 36 to 70°F until mixing for use
  • Once mixed, the solution must be administered 
  • Inject 3ml, or as directed by veterinarian, into deep muscle tissue
  • The base of the neck or rump are acceptable
  • Freeze unused reconstituted solution in 3ml syringes for future use 



  • Follow all prescribed protocol instructions from Reproduction Specialty Group, Inc. 
  • Contact RSG if prescribed protocol dosage and timing is missed
  • Administration of P.G. 600® is short-acting and for short-term use as directed
  • Due to the short supply of PG 600, this product is only available for clients who are preparing animals for an RSGI program and procedure
  • No orders for PG600 outside of an RSGI program will processed
  • Contact RSGI if you have questions


See package insert for additional information. 




Restricted drug (California) – Use only as directed. 


Disposal: Follow all applicable local, state and federal laws





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