Drain The Swamp

Drain The Swamp

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TW x 4125 – kimmy gibler DNA: QRNN




When Drain was born, we knew we he was going to be a game changer! Now that he has lambs on the ground all over the country his value is just beginning to be realized! Last year he rocked semen sales based on his picture and pedigree. This year you have had the chance to see his lamb’s sale online and at National Shows & Sales with banners and huge returns. Here is your opportunity to breed to one of the Hottest PROVEN Purebred Dorset Rams in the county.

Price: $150 per straw

TW x 4125 – kimmy gibler DNA: QRNN • breed: dorset • Owned by: Fisher Club Lambs & Mayo Club Lambs Registration #: p732896


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