Joy Ride

Joy Ride

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Road Rage x M17 (Exile x Caesar) DNA: RRNNFD




Looking for a rugged stud buck to add stoutness, power and mass? Joy Ride is the ticket. His foot size, ribcage and skeletal width can change a ewe base in a generation. We were so confident in him as a buck lamb, we flushed our lead donor to him, and it yielded sheep that have had a lasting impact on our program; producing champions, future donors and the 2020 Res. Grand Lamb at Ft. Worth. Joy Ride has an abundance of mass, but still has the balance and structural correctness it takes to make champions.


Road Rage x M17 (Exile x Caesar) DNA: RRNNFD • breed: hampshire • Owned by: Diamond C Club Lambs & Valentine Club Lambs


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