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Pedigree Information: Say When x Bullseye x 4D




Breed: Crossbred

Breeder Name: Hubbard Club Lambs

Pedigree Information: Say When x Bullseye x 4D


Registered: No

Price: $150

Yoda is a dynamic creature that implements 2 of the hottest sires ever seen in the club lamb industry. Genetically he is backed by one of our most consistent and predictable ewe families. His mothers full brother was named the Reserve Hamp at the Indiana Stock Show in 2020, and his grandmother raised the 3rd overall market lamb at the Virginia State Fair a few years back.

Yoda combines the traditional bullseye touch, tone, and upper pin, while implementing the Say When look, balance, and feature.

We used him heavy for our late Jan, Feb and Mar’s, and the results couldn’t be more promising. He will work on a variety of ewe types, and consistently improves front end quality, feature, and upper pin.
Please contact us with any question regarding Yoda! May the force be with you this breeding season!


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