Walks on Water

Walks on Water

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Pedigree Information: Sire: Say When, Dam: Rapid Fire



Walks on Water

Breed: Hampshire

Breeder Name: Chabot & Benson

Pedigree Information: Sire: Say When, Dam: Rapid Fire


Registered: No

Price: $250 1 to 5 | $225 for 6

Walks on Water might be one of our most exciting genetic pieces to date. He stems back to the empire of stud ewes generated by our old Sermon donor, Penny. Genetically speaking he combines the best that we have to offer, along with Franklin and Harrell genetics. Phenotypically, Walks on Water is a freak of nature. He is sound as you can make one, has all the trendy shag and feature, and I couldn’t draw a better profile silhouette if I wanted to. If you are looking for one that can change a program in one generation, here is your opportunity to get in the game! We believe that he can “Walk on Water.”


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