Sling Blade

Sling Blade


Pedigree Information: Happy Days x Fat Jesus / Mosey



Sling Blade

Breed: Registered-Sheep

Breeder Name: Shroyer Show Stock

Pedigree Information: Happy Days x Fat Jesus / Mosey


Registered: Yes

Price: $100

Sling Blade did a phenomenal job. He stamped an incredible looked and presence into all of his lambs and is the most consistent FF buck we have used. His lambs are round bodied, their neck sets are perfect, and their features are off the chart. Frankly, his lambs are elite. Sling Blade is short bladed, balances great, and has the power from his sire, Happy Days. We recommend using him on ewes that need improvement to their overall look, design, neck sets, bone work, top line structure, and he will eliminate dwarfs. If you want to produce the upper echelon to win a big show, Sling Blade can do it


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