Road Rage

Road Rage


Pedigree Information: Shower Chicken x Fate


Road Rage

Breed: Crossbred

Breeder Name: Hobbs Show Lambs | Hassebrook Show Lambs

Pedigree Information: Shower Chicken x Fate


Registered: No

Price: $75 1 to 9 | $50 for 10 or more

Road Rage continues to be one of the most influential sires in the industry. As we all become more aware of the impact of the dwarf gene in sheep production, finding an FF sire that reliably throws good feet and legs, the show ring look, and consistent muscle shape can seem next to impossible. Yet here he is. Road Rage genetics have worked for breeders of all sizes on a wide variety of ewes. This sheep remains one of the highest value semen purchases anywhere. Buy with confidence.


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