Ride Time

Ride Time


Pedigree Information: Gable x “Layne” (Unicorn x Zoo x Helga)



Ride Time

Breed:  Non-Registered (Crossbred)-Sheep

Breeder Name: Hild Bros

Pedigree Information: Gable x “Layne” (Unicorn x Zoo x “Helga”)


Registered: No

Price: $250

We still think an awful lot of this one. Sired by Gable , and dammed by a Unicorn daughter “Layne” (Female of the year top nominee) raised by Allen/Newcomb, we think this guy takes it to the next level. He has an ability to make those “tricked out fronted” sheep, that still possess a giant rib cage and copious amounts of shape and power. Even though he is blue, he still maintains the ability to make ultra hampy, white featured sheep, as well as high caliber naturals as you’d expect. He comes out of one of the deepest flushes we have ever made, being a full brother to the Caleb Stone’s Res Grand at OH placed by Hill, and a litter of daughters that will leave a lasting impact on our flock for years to come. In YEAR ONE he has sired the Grand at AZ National, Res 4-H Commercial Ewe & Champion FFA Market Ewe in Iowa, Grand at MLE, & Grand at GA. We’re working heavily around this guy moving forward, and expect even bigger things in 2024.


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