Most Wanted

Most Wanted


Pedigree Information: Wizard x Polar Vortex x Chive



Most Wanted

Breed: Non-Registered (Crossbred)-Sheep

Breeder Name: Hoeing/Hill

Pedigree Information: Wizard x Polar Vortex x Chive


Registered: No

Price: $250

In the midst of wether buying season, we are always looking for that next piece to the puzzle. Wasn’t hard to recognize this guy the second I laid eyes on him. He was skinny….REAL SKINNY. His presence, foundation, skeleton, width, and feature was so incredible that the condition he was in was a non-factor.

Draped in Carmel/White features his appearance alone is enough to get your attention.

MOST WANTED’s athletic, hard shape makes this FF truly unique. Edgy and dense shape just like his sire Wizard, we feel he has the ability to be an instant game changer for anyone!! Straight spined and dimpled back shape best describes his top-side skeleton.

MOST WANTED’s foundation, big bone, and square hind leg operates with range and comfort. On the loose it’s his symmetry and proportions that make him so different. Tall and cocky fronted with a correct neck set that lots of breeders are chasing!


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