Pedigree Information: Alpha x 567 Pink – Bullseye x Stud Duck



Breed: Crossbred

Breeder Name: Shroyer Show Stock

Pedigree Information: Alpha x 567 Pink – Bullseye x Stud Duck


Registered: No

Price: $100

Gator Bait’s bite is deadly! He brings so many dynamic traits to the table. He has the show ring wow factor, yet he is bold caged, round bodied, heavy structured, huge pinned, crazy backed, and has a radical rump shape. But what we love the most about him is his overall athletic package and his physique from the side. To top it off, he is white wool featured, he has crazy footwork, ginormous legs and shape to burn. He comes out a winner on the genetic side too. We appreciate that he is an Alpha, a Bravo son, raised by Brad Dale, back on on a Bullseye x Stud Duck. His dam was raised here at SSS and is is a flush sister to the “Hitchhiker” buck. We have flushed a lot of sheep here but this flush tops our list of most successful flushes and we are currently flushing Gator Bait’s mom and three flushmate sisters. Gator Bait has been also been making a huge impact on the Shrop, Oxford, and Southdown breeds. He has been a game changer for them.


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