Freak Out

Freak Out

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Sire: Temper Tantrum | Dam: Smack Talk (Donor “Grace”) | DNA: RRNNFD




Freak Out

Sire: Temper Tantrum

Dam: Smack Talk (Donor “Grace”)


Bred and Owned By: Diamond C Club Lambs

Breed: Hampshire

Price: $175 Unit | $150 Unit for 20 units or more

His name says it all, this guy will make you Freak Out. From behind, his rib shape, loin edge, and hip are massive. This kind of skeletal width, combined with his incredible rack shape, is the kind that can change a program in a hurry. More importantly, Freak Out doesn’t sacrifice the stylish look from the side it takes to win big time shows. His shoulder elevation, chest floor and lower body progression is impeccable. He’s a big time piece that’ll make an AI set flat out impressive.


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