Bracket Buster

Bracket Buster

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Sire: March Madness | Dam: Brennan E-05BC | DNA: RRNNEDFFF




Bracket Buster

Breed: Southdown

Breeder Name: Brennan Family Southdowns

Sire: March Madness

Dam: Brennan E-05BC


Registered: Yes; EE8015

Price: $150 for 1 to 4 or $100 5

Not too often is there a public offering for a buck at stud for an up- and-coming flock from the first ET baby that was made with this mating. Everyone has to start somewhere, so here we are. This buck is a result of taking March Madness to our first Indiana State Fair class winner. Bracket Buster is as good in his lines and as structurally sound as you can make one. He’s going to add a little more size all the while not sacrificing power and a good look from the side. Look for him at the major Southdown shows this summer.


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