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Pedigree Information: Harlem Handshake x Froggy Style/BareKnuckles





Breeder Name: Halfmann Livestock and Mark Ebeling-Hi View Ranch

Pedigree Information: Harlem Handshake x Froggy Style/BareKnuckles



Price: $400

Named after the late livestock icon, Jim “Blue” Bloomberg, this new herd sire certainly has some big shoes to fill. However, in the midst of his first kid crop, he looks to be living up to the hype. We’re big believers in female families around here, and “Blue” encompass the very best female pedigrees we have(5159, 3040 and 820794). While the maternal genetics are strong, the terminal traits that this one offers are truly incredible. When it comes to adding base width, body shape and an impeccably hard touch and perfect skin, Blue has the tangibles. He’s the broadest backed, roundest ribbed one we’ve ever assembled and he still gets around on a fundamentally pliable skeleton. The babies on the ground look like they can win, and we put every doe kid in the December group in the keeper pen.


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