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September | 2023

Frozen Semen QC

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In an effort to simplify the evaluation and quality control of your frozen semen products we have established simplified terms to class the semen.

The following represents RSG QC for frozen semen.

Fail – Will result from any one of these not being met:

Less than 30 million live cells, below 40% live cells, progression of less than one body length per second, abnormal morphology greater than 15%.

RSG Pass – Must meet all of the below standards:

At least 30 million live cells, 50% or greater live cells, progression is greater than two cell length per second, less than 15% abnormal morphology.

If product passes then it is considered good for use in a LAI or ET procedure.

To check the status on who is currently standing at RSG please visit our RSG Sires website.

To request a fresh semen collection on any of these males please complete a Fresh Semen Collection Request Form

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Time Between Flushing Sheep and Goats

Dr. Tad Thompson, DVM answer the question about how much time is needed between flushing of sheep and goats in our latest educational You Tube video.

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PG 600

Note: PG600 is currently only available for purchase from the RSG Pharmacy on our website. The MyAnimalRx portal is OUT OF STOCK right now. We have a good supply at the RSG headquarters for shipping.


The new MyAnimalRx portal will help make it easy for basic delivery of thousands of items to your farm at great prices.

You can continue to order certain repro specific products that will ship direct from RSG on our website.

Client Service Corner

Many of you have animals in the Early Gestation Phase of production. Here are a few quick tips to consider:

  1. Consider scheduling fall shearing
  2. Any additional vaccination for anti-abortion can occur in the 60 to 90 days following breeding
  3. If additional worming is needed be sure to use a clear color wormer


If you do not already have an Account Manager that you are working directly with, please call 765-978-0301, Press #1 for the Breeding Services team or email the team at

Allison May: 317-315-9867

Carly Shaw: 317-864-3135

Lauren Ott: 317-864-1682

Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Click Here for LAI/ ET Schedule Request Form

Client Success!

sheep ultrasound

“We came back 66/80 bred on our July 18th LAI, big thank you to the team for that” Billy Johnson

An 82.5% conception rate; pretty great considering the heat we had this summer.

“Smoothest LAI we’ve ever had”

Lucas Tuck

Lucas is a first-time host site coordinator with us.


“I just wanted to share with you that the flush went great for me. We flushed 60 embryos out of 5 donors. We got 56 embryos in 28 recips. Pregnancy results came back yesterday, and we went 27/28 bred. Best results we ever had and just wanted to thank you and your team for setting up such a great program. Everything went very smooth and easy when working with you. Thanks again!

Roger Shearer

Roger and Allen have had programs with us for 6 years now.


“It was a really good day. We have utilized AI for a good many years and been to a lot of AI days so I felt we could pull one off smoothly but I’m really pleased with how both days went. We definitely will want to be on the books for next year. Thanks for everything you did for us as well, nothing short of impressed.”

Jordan Marx

Jordan is another first-time host site coordinator with us. 

Scheduling A Sire For Semen Collection


Do you have a sheep or goat sire you would like to collect semen on? If so, now is the time to get on the sire collection list. We will start ramping up semen collections in September. Please let your Account Manager know if you would like to add a sire to the list. We bring males in on a first-come-first serve basis.

If you have a sire you would like to showcase in the 2024 Sire Catalog please contact Jordan Amburgey.

Upcoming Events

Valias National Show
VBN show

See us at The USA National Valais Blacknose Sheep Show in Des Moines, September 29-30th.

RSG Nutrition

Nutrition Matters

One of RSG’s “Cornerstones of Success”, RSG Nutrition, focuses on improving the animal’s biologic system functions. In an effort to provide optimum breeding potential, RSG Nutrition can help provide custom rations for incorporating our Breeder Balancer or Commercial Balancer pellet. Email Jordan Amburgey to help with your ration.

Year-round attention needs to be paid to the quality of the micronutrients your animals receive. Quality chelated minerals are vital to maximize oocyte and sperm development in addition to connective tissues and other biological systems.

Products are available at RSG, Premier 1 Supply and thru our RSG Nutrition Dealers.

Learn More

Order from Premier 1 Supply

Learn More about RSG Nutiriton
New Genetics Platform

New Genetics Inventory Management Platform

While we continue to work towards a full launch of the new Genetics Inventory Management Platform, we want to encourage you to use the desktop version of the current system for any semen inventory needs. Please reach out if you need any help with reviewing your inventory or making transfers.


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