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 Monthly News & Updates

August | 2023

New Sire Center Prep

sire center build site

RSG has cleared fencing and completed other prep work on the site of the new Sire Collection Center in Lebanon, Indiana. This new facility will increase our capacity to collect sheep and goat sires for freezing. We will also have more space for animals involved in export programs and our RSG Sires bucks. The new facility should be open by the start of the new year!

To check the status on who is currently standing at RSG please visit our RSG Sires website.

To request a fresh semen collection on any of these males please complete a Fresh Semen Collection Request Form

Watch our interviews with RSG Sires owners on our You Tube channel.

sire center concept
Breeding day timing

Importance of Breeding Timing

Dr. Tad Thompson, DVM shares the importance of breeding timing in our latest educational You Tube video. Dr. Tad talks about shot timing, CIDR inserts, pull timing and how they can impact a LAI or ET breeding program.

RSG Pharmacy logo
MyAnimalRx antibiotics

Did you know? RSG Veterinarians are licensed to prescribe medications in the following states: Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, California, and Iowa. Additional states will be added soon.

Our RSG Pharmacy is available only to RSG clients that we have established a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) with us.


The new MyAnimalRx portal will help make it easy for basic delivery of thousands of items to your farm at great prices.

You can continue to order certain repro specific products that will ship direct from RSG on our website.

Client Service Corner

Many thanks to all the breeders that have already trusted us as your reproductive partners this season! Hard to believe it’s already August and State Fairs are here!

One quick reminder from the scheduling team to be thinking ahead on purchasing or transferring semen. We typically need this information 10-14 days prior to a program in order to pack tanks and supplies and make it a successful experience!

Pro Tip: We do pack backup semen available for purchase in case of emergency, but there is no guarantee that the sire of your choice will be in there unless you purchase it prior to the tank leaving the center.


If you do not already have an Account Manager that you are working directly with, please call 765-978-0301, Press #1 for the Breeding Services team or email the team at

Allison May: 317-315-9867

Carly Shaw: 317-864-3135

Lauren Ott: 317-864-1682

Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Click Here for LAI/ ET Schedule Request Form

Client Success!

Big Spring Livestock

From Big Spring Livestock: We decided to try something new this year and breed a small group for fall babies. We held our keeper ewe lambs from last year open over the winter and bred the blacks to Truce and the white/WFX ewes to Guido in May. Our 121 Bullseye donor transferred 5 embryos to Truce.

Maybe the best part was going over 90% on conception/embryo retention for the group as of our 60 day ultra sound results. Mid-October will be exciting in Big Springs!

Thank you to Reproduction Specialty Group, Inc. for doing a great job on all the flush/AI work! We have had great success in our experiences with them.

Scheduling A Sire For Semen Collection

Captian Morgan

Do you have a sheep or goat sire you would like to collect semen on? If so now is the time to get on the sire collection list. We will start ramping up semen collections in September. Please let your Account Manager know if you would like to add a sire to the list. We bring males in on a first-come-first serve basis.

If you have a sire you would like to showcase in the 2024 Sire Catalog please contact Jordan Amburgey.


Upcoming Events

Join us for The Symposium next month! RSG will be a part of the Educational Program 8:30 – 12:30 September 2nd.

Location: Omni Hotel – Fort Worth, TX

Valias National Show

See us at The USA National Valais Blacknose Sheep Show in Des Moines!

Performance+ Flyer 2023

Nutrition Matters

One of RSG’s “Cornerstones of Success”, RSG Nutrition, focuses on improving the animal’s biologic system functions. In an effort to provide optimum breeding potential, RSG Nutrition has developed a platform specifically built for small ruminants.

Year-round attention needs to be paid to the quality of the micronutrients your animals receive. Quality chelated minerals are vital to maximize oocyte and sperm development besides connective tissues and other biological systems.

Products are available at RSG, Premier 1 Supply and thru our RSG Nutrition Dealers.

Learn More

Order from Premier 1 Supply

Learn More about RSG Nutiriton
New Genetics Platform

New Genetics Inventory Management Platform

While we continue to work towards a full launch of the new Genetics Inventory Management Platform we want to encourage you to use the desktop version of the current system for any semen inventory needs. Please reach out if you need any help with reviewing your inventory or making transfers.


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